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Industry Contact


So I guess I will just keep going… Contacted over 10 plus companies, managed to get 4 briefs from ‘Design by Day’ who were really helpful, however I still don’t have a placement…


4 comments on “Industry Contact

  1. Pink Glasses Productions
    February 6, 2015

    I don’t think I understand what you’re doing here. Are you job hunting and calling creative agencies that give work to freelancers? Just curious on your process. When you get a brief does that secure the project for you or just allow you to submit a quote/bid? Job hunting is no fun, best of luck!

    • cr7designs
      February 6, 2015

      Thankyou, I am trying to achieve a work placement, to allow myself to look at the industry and how it works from inside a company and also to gain experience and ask questions, the course requires me to get a ‘live brief’ of some sort which I have managed, not managed to achieve placement yet, but im still trying

      • Pink Glasses Productions
        February 6, 2015

        If you don’t use it already be sure to utilize LinkedIn to network. My connections there helped me get my current design position and a few others in the past as well. The job market for design in my area (Ohio, US) is very competitive and filled with lots of experienced folks. It took me a few good years of freelancing and doing random internships before I got a full time position. Hang in there!

      • cr7designs
        February 6, 2015

        Will do and yes i am already on linked in

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