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I like a good challenge…


29/05/2015 – Hand in EYS Confessional.

27/05/2015 – Back to uni to make sure that everything is where it is suppose to be.

26/05/2015 – Back from the short break. Nice to have a change of scenery.

23/05/2015 – Since my mum and dad decided to book a last minute holiday… I had no option but to go…

21/05/2015 – Handed in everything which I have printed for FD201 and FD206… Hope that is everything….

20/05/2015 – Printed everything off which I have done so far.

19/05/2015 – Work to finish FD201 and FD206 to a good standard.

18/05/2015 – Focus on completing my projects. Feeling the pressure a little bit.

17/05/2015 – Work hard to complete everything for Thursday.

15/05/2015 – Make sure everything is ready for handing in on the 21st of May

14/05/2015 – Work to finish Professional practice, then work on my FMP.

12/05/2015 – Check the functionality of the adidas website.

10/05/2015 – Make sure everything is completed to a good standard.

8/05/2015 – Continue completing the Checklists for the projects which I am currently working on.

7/05/2015 – Working hard to finish my professional practice without leaving anything to chance.

5/05/2015 – Managed to fix the slight alignment problem with my adidas website… Happy.

4/05/2015 – Start working on EYS Confessional. Make sure thumbnails are completed for next week.

3/05/2015 – Starting to think about the final show and what I am going to put up on the boards…

2/05/2015 – Today has been such a long day.

1/05/2015 – April Fools… is a joke…

30/04/2015 – Talk to tutor about my proffesional practice booklet.

28/04/2015 – Finish Off my Professional Practice and work on the different parts. Make sure to complete check list.

25/04/2015 – Start to work harder on my FMP and get things done for that during the next few weeks.

23/04/2015 – Glad that I managed to hand in my critical study essay.

22/04/2015 – FD202 Deadline is today. Got everything I need to happily submit the work and hand it in. Hopefully I have done well in this project. Time to work on FD201 and FD206.

FD202 is completed. Handed in my essay and everything else. So thats one down… 2 to go.

21/04/2015 – Tuesday went well, got most of the things I needed to do for tomorrow. Worked in the summer house when I got home to get some more work done but make the most of this beautiful weather.

20/04/2015 – I don’t understand why almost nobody turns up for Paul’s lesson… maybe cause its Monday afternoon but that’s really no excuse…

19/04/2015 – ordered things for the bike, should be here Tuesday if lucky.

18/04/2015 – BAD NEWS | Looks like I need a new chain, sprockets and front brakes for the bike as whoever had it before me didn’t look after it | 0.0

17/04/2015 – Not exactly looking forward to going back to Uni but its time to get back in the groove.

16/04/2015 – What A beautiful Day. Insane how fast time goes to be honest.


15/04/2015 – Guess I best get on with some work and then some.. FMP Needs to be worked on.

13/04/2015 – Another walk with stuart. Not bad.

11/04/2015 – Didn’t expect much today… Got more than I expected but thats personal life…

10/04/2015 – Not the greatest day, went for a ride and got some work done, not really liking all the rain.

09/04/2015 – Don’t feel the best today. Going to work on my proposal for lee and then the essay.

08/04/2015 – Production schedule for April is complete. Now for MAY.

07/04/2015 – Need to keep on top of everything and manage my time.

06/04/2015 – Confessional video is coming a long. Need to record some parts again, however I should be able to do that with in the first week back at Uni/college.

04/04/2015 – Progress so far – Got my production schedules close to finished. Just need to finalise things.

02/04/2015 – So the ‘holiday’ begins. Although we all know that means.. just work from home…

01/04/2015 –  Best thing about April is that we are nearer to summer… Need to keep foccussed.

31/03/2015 – Got to keep working on my essay and make sure that I am doing everything that needs to be done.

30/03/2015 – Been a decent day, filled the bike up so don’t have to worry about fuel for a bit now.

28/03/2015 – Time for the Last walk of March! That was nice, always good to get out and about.


26/03/2015 – Everything is ready, Printed last night. Just got to fill out an MEQ and Salford Declaration, how fun!

Client brief is now COMPLETE!

25/03/2015 – Busy busy busy to say the least. Making sure that I have everything ready to Print Tonight…

24/03/2015 – Two days till the FD205 Deadline – Got to start work on my FMP as well.

23/03/2015 – People actually turned up to the lesson. Started work on my confessional.

21/03/2015 – Bumped into my mates dad, Andy going for a walk, coincidence we were doing the same walk…


19/03/2015 – Some days goes so fast. This one felt like it went in an hour… Shows I enjoy what I am doing.

18/03/2015 – The fact is I have done like half of the documentation and I am on like 26 pages… This is a big project to say the least. Hoping to get the best grade I can !

17/03/2015 –  FD205 deadline reminder – 26/03/2015. – Starting to put the final documentation down.

16/03/2015 –  Only me in the class today… Shows a lot… I just like after affects…

14/03/2015 – Enjoying the client brief now that I am getting into the video, website and finalisation

12/03/2015 – I may have finished for the weekend, but if I think I can have a break… I must be joking… I have a lot of work to do. QUIT SLACKING!

11/03/2015 – Lee must be joking… Telling us how to write an essay. Yet he doesn’t want to teach us how to ‘suck eggs’

10/03/2015 – Visit to Attain – Was really good, enjoyed the hour that we had there. Learned a lot of things and it does make me work a lot harder when I get to see how much work people are producing with in the industry. It gives me a lot of motivation and desire to keep going.

9/03/2015 –  Monday. More after affects things. Actually produced something pretty decent today.

8/03/2015 – Make sure to update my production schedules and make sure I have everything I need for the Visit to attain.

5/03/2015 – Started to think more seriously about my Proposal and what I need to create for It.

4/03/2015 – Definitely considering re-launching or launching a part of Adidas for my FMP. Seems a very strong idea to the people that I have talked to about it.

3/03/2015 – Fixed my bikes blowing exhaust… Cost me £30 but its finally sorted.

2/03/2015 – Hail, sleet and snow… ‘yay!’ *jumps for joy*…. not really…

1/03/2015 – Hopefully the weather is decent tomorrow… Forecast isn’t promising.

26/02/2015 – Realizing how quickly times going and that I need to also start thinking about my FMP.

25/02/2015 – Continuing with the essay draft for lee.

24/02/2015 – Back on with the cornerhouse project after having a word with dave.

23/02/2015 – Back to uni, back on the bike… That was an experience… very windy.

20/02/2015 –  So today I realized that the week is nearly over, and I really haven’t done much, Where does the time go?

18/02/2015 – Today didn’t exactly goes as planned but I did get my bike back from MOT and went for a ride on it, everything seems fine.

16/02/2015 – To be honest I need to really get on with some work before this week is over…

13/02/2015 – The last day before half term. Everyone thinks its a break for me… Not really, still have a lot of work to do.

12/02/2015 – Both today and yesterday have been very long days, even when I got home I just continued working on things.

11/02/2015 – Today will be a hard days work.. I can just tell…

10/02/2015 – Been working hard, making blog posts and updating my work. Working to the best of my ability, Unfortunately I am full of a cold and I seem to be draining of energy pretty quickly…

09/02/2015 – These after affects lessons are getting a little bit annoying… Since I learned most of this at home off my own back quite a while ago and I am still progressing. Feel like I am repeating myself…

08/02/2015 – Checked through my production schedule so I know exactly were I need to be up too. Seem to be a little ahead of myself which is great.

05/02/2015 – Weekend approaches and I am very focused on trying to complete the CornerHouse Brief.

04/02/2015 – I seem to be cracking on with my essay pretty well…

03/02/2015 –  Really pleased with yesterdays feedback, time to get on point with my other work and such…

02/02/2015 – So today I got my feedback and wow I wasn’t expecting that. I got 75/100 for my web design module… That was way more than I expected in all honesty. The hard work payed off, definitely.

01/02/2015 – Holy Crap its February…

28/01/2015 – Last day in uni for the week. To be honest I feel like this week has just flown by.

27/01/2015 – So Lee isn’t in, not like I needed to see him anyway. Time to just get on with my work…

26/01/2015 – Get my web design feedback next week. In all honesty I am looking forward to it but I am always quite nervous about it.

24/01/2015 – Weekend, got to make sure everything is installed on my laptop for the week ahead.

21/01/2015 – New Laptop comes tomorrow so I am pretty excited, feeling good about the work I am producing and how well things are coming a long.

20/01/2015 – Keeping fit and healthy, feel great, however only 4 people turned up to Paul’s session, Dave definitely isn’t happy, tomorrow should be fun…

16/01/2015 – Tried a product called G-Fuel today by a company called Gamma Labs, it was very nice actually. Peach Mango Flavor. Best of all it helps you concentrate, while keeping you healthy and giving you energy…

15/01/2015 – Today has been interesting. Still working hard to get everything done…

14/01/2015 –  Today is going to be a long day.

13/01/2015 – Today I have just been getting on with the Professional Practice brief.

12/01/2015 – Was up till like 2:30am to get this website done… Glad its finished now though…

10/01/2015 – Went for a walk, made sure that I got some fresh air.

08/01/2015 – Finished off some work, time to catch up on other stuff…

07/01/2015 – Hand in proposal, make sure production schedule is filled out.

06/01/2015 – Back to Uni/College and back to the hard working Mind Set.

04/01/2015 – So today was the last walk of the winter holidays… Going to miss it.

01/01/2015 – Finally we enter 2015 – hope its much better than 2014 was…

31/12/2014 – New years eve celebrations – At the Grandparents house

29/12/2014 – Bought a few new things… Handy…

27/12/2014 – Well that lasted…

26/12/2014 –  Snow is falling…

25/12/2014 – A day with the family. Time well spent

24/12/2014 –  Starting to feel very happy with the things that have happened today and in the past week… Extremely Happy.

20/12/2014 – Christmas is approaching Fast…

16/12/2014 – So today I need to get on with my Professional Practice. Kind of feel like I am going to pass out…

15/12/2014 – Monday, now to get my head around everything Web Design…

13/12/2014 – Weekend – Time to catch up and get ahead with some of the work which I started. So that I don’t have as much stuff to do over the Christmas Period.

11/12/2014 – Brian Cannon visit – Well to say the least that was very interesting. Getting to meet a Designer who has made a living from album covers and other different medias, while using mostly analog (Non Digital sources) to create his work, even to the point of using the camera flash, to highlight a part of his work or image, the guys  genius all around, I intend to take what I have learned and push forward with more influence and knowledge.

10/12/2014 –  Today i got my stitches out, quite sore in all honesty…

9/12/2014 – Today has been rather cold, but I managed to complete my review for Thursday and I also made a good start on my personal statement which I need to send to my tutor to make sure that it is up to standard.

8/12/2014 – Web Design, got my Feedback today and I have pretty much covered everything that he has asked me to do, so now onto part 2, the catch up for part 2 begins.

6/12/2014 – Today has been very busy, trying to sort all of my web design stuff for Monday.

4/12/2014 – Presentation day, Today has gone really well and the presentation went great, I really took the feedback from Will as a positive and it was a good way to look at my work and help improve what I am doing.

3/12/2014 –  So today is the last day of preparation for the presentation tomorrow, its been a tough and busy week.

2/12/2014 – Make sure everything is done and printed, working for Thursday’s presentation.

1/12/2014 – Talk with Paul about my Web work.

27/11/2014 – Catch Up time on web analysis…

26/11/2014 – Working on the BP Adverts, should have them finalized by tomorrow ready for our presentation in December.

25/11/2014 – Afraid I wont be attending Uni/College today as I am in serious pain from yesterday.

24/11/2014 – Operation day, definitely looking forward to this…

22/11/2014 – Two days till my operation, hoping that everything will go okay and I will back home the same day.

20/11/2014 – Today I have been looking into different video clips which is quite hard, because when you type in Brazilian Oil workers all that seems to come up is strikes and riots.

19/11/2014 – Think I have fixed my laptop… Thank god for that.

18/11/2014 – Seem to be running into a lot of problems right now… Laptop crashing and other things.

17/11/2014 – Today has been very busy, web design, my birthday and all that.

15/11/2014 – Weekend, Catch up time or just a laid back weekend depending on were I am up to and honestly I am not doing to bad at the moment.

14/11/2014 – Just catching up with things and making sure that I have done everything I have planned in my production schedule.

13/11/2014 – The pathway talk yesterday were very interesting. Just made the decision of what pathway to pick a little more difficult in all honesty. I need to get some ideas down for the BP project today. Got way enough research so that is always good. Wait a second… You can’t ever have enough, Its just simply not the case.

12/11/2014 – Pathway talks today… Well we shall see how it goes.

11/11/2014 – So today is just going to be a lot of work on my BP/group project. Should be fun. Got a few Ideas.

9/11/2014 – Taking into account that I have been catching up with my blog a little this weekend… I took some time to play a game. Got my first relentless… (20 kill streak) not bad for someone who doesn’t play all day everyday…

6/11/2014 – So today is my pre-op… Went okay. Need to try and get hold of the companies I want to do placements with.

5/11/2014 – Re-positioning my Vehicle is going to be hard work and there is a lot to get done but I will do it. Once I have made a few copies I will be able to drop them off at Design companies and even send them off to companies which could possible help me get into a placement. Also handed in the first part of my proffesional practice… 1 day early since I wont be in on Thursday.

4/11/2014 – So back to work at Uni… Being positive and getting as much work as I can done so that I can keep ahead of things. Production Plans definitely come in handy.

3/11/2014 – Advanced Warfare day zero release – exitement… OH yay WEB DESIGN. Nah its not that bad.

30/10/2014 – Need to get myself back into work mode.

28/10/2014 – Getting excited about a new game…

27/10/2014 – Found some more BP research, shared it with my group.

26/10/2014 – Went on holiday down south for a few days, had a nice time.

23/10/2014 – So… Today is the last day before half term… This week has gone way fast. Although I am looking forward to half term, I am really going to have to try hard to find a placement.

22/10/2014 – Rather annoyed… Been told to look on the VLE for a Harvard referencing list and I go on the VLE and it doesn’t exist…


21/10/2014 – Today I decided to purchase an Inkling pen.

20/10/2014 – So Today we had a client come in, she wanted a website upgrade. Well I mean completely re-designing… Look at the old one….

17/10/2014 – Time to arrange all the work I have done and fill in the rest of my Production Schedule for this month if possible.

16/10/2014 – I am quite happy with how my work is progressing and I found out about this inkling pen which converts drawings on paper to vector images you can work with in illustrator. I had no idea these existed. We also presented our research and had a good chat with Will Bentley from BD2.

15/10/2014 – I really hate the fact that on Wednesday’s we have been told to basically work on the same stuff for 4 hours…

14/10/2014 – Today has really been a very good day, brothers birthday apart from things not doing what I wanted them to in premier pro… Still an amateur.

13/10/2014 – Never take things for granted, because when you do, they vanish….

7/10/2014 – So today has just started. Feeling pretty good about my projects and how they are coming along.

3/10/2014 – Just picked up forza horizon 2… Hours later its probably one of the best games I have ever played.

2/10/2014 – Feels really strange being october… I really dont know why but it just does. Going way to fast…

1/10/2014 – October… Nice way to start the month, Working on my Pour Moi designs… (work is on my blog)

30/09/2014 –  One of the things I am quite happy about is my progress in the work that I have been doing. I am seeing progress in everything that I am doing.

29/09/2014 – Todays been quite interesting, still full of a cold… HELP.

27/09/2014 – I really would be alright if this cold would go away.

24/09/2014 – Keeping up to date with my reflections and trying to hit a target of 4 blog posts per day, plus reflections 4 times a week… So far so good. Today really seems to be lasting forever not feeling good at all, hate being ill.

23/09/2014 – So I finalised my logo For the Green Dragons Den  and started work on Peak Physique. Live briefs. See for them.

22/09/2014 – Not had the best of days at all.

21/09/2014 – Weekends nearly over. Just been for a rather large walk. Hardly felt it… Walk around Carmill Dam

not bad

19/09/2014 – Its the weekend. After planning my briefs into my Production Schedule I am quite tired out.


18/09/2014 – Another half day. To be honest that is quite annoying because of the money and other things. Although it does give us the option to come in early or stay later to put in the extra work when needed.

17/09/2014 – Design Graphics and Critical Studies, today was a lot of information to take in…

16/09/2014 – Starting to get hold of the Briefs now, including some live ones, brilliant.

15/09/2014 – First Time into Web Design. Well that was quite different, definitely not what I expected but in a good way.

11/09/2014 – Back to University and after the summer I had i’m not sure its a good thing…


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  1. DB
    May 16, 2014

    Keep it going Chris!

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